Three Rules for Making a Company Truly Great

Much of the strategy and management advice that business leaders turn to is unreliable or impractical.

Neverfail: Business Continuity for the Twenty-First Century

Business dependency on IT systems has never been greater, and when problems occur the impact can

Polycom RealPresence CloudAXIS Suite

Polycom recently introduced its RealPresence CloudAXIS Suite to solve the directory problem. CloudAXIS is a software

India unlikely to meet cybersecurity workforce target

India is unlikely to meet the target of creating a workforce of 5,00,000 cybersecurity professionals in next

Protecting Your Data in the Cloud

Many organizations today already use or plan to use cloud computing to help address their business

Intro to Salesforce Mobile SDK: Building Hybrid Apps

Intro to Salesforce Mobile SDK: Building Hybrid Apps Webinar from Salesforce Developers The Salesforce Mobile SDK

Google‘s new tools aim to read your mind

The company revealed some new search tools at I/O, its annual developers conference in San Francisco.

Smartphones adversely affecting your fitness

Smartphones have been amongst the biggest technological revolutions of the past decade, bringing emails, calls, internet

Scientists develop virtual brain that daydreams

Scientists have developed a virtual model of the brain that daydreams humans do, a finding that

Linux-powered pen that won‘t let you make errors

German inventors have developed a Linux-powered pen that won‘t let you make errors and gently vibrates every